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November 25, 2008


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This is a really interesting and insightful posting. Indeed on Thanksgiving Day we should indeed be thankful for our health if we are fit and fine.


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I love the Thanks Given dinner!!!!!!!!!

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Nice advices forthe Health on Thanksgiving Morning!!!! I always practice some exercises that day in the morning.

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I will send you a letter to discuss details of the competition. i want to join.

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me too!! I'm so excited about that!

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mmm i love food.
love thanks given

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i have never had a good thanks given, my family always end up fighting!
and the food, well i prefer to make it myself.

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mmmmm after reading this article, i found it very interesting!
thank you for sharing!

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Interesting details, thanks for sharing with us.

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I'm agree with you, it's a little crazy, but you feel great!

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I'm honestly need to thank them, for all

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I think that everyday we have to be thankful for our health.

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Nothing like pass a thanksgiving with your familly

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It's important to take care our health with responsibly and always thank God for giving us the chance to live.

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I can't stop to be happy and healthy be alive is a great prodigy.

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you have to be thankful for been alive not only on thanksgiving day!!!
you must be happy always!!


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I'm thankful, smiling and prying to God so I can have one more day !!

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GOOD FOR YOU!!!!be happy, stay happy, make other happy!



Is very important to thank for our health and daily exercise to maintain it.

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exercise is the best!!!

you can not have a great body without exercise!!!!

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Maintain our health is also a matter of faith , you know ?

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I give thanks to the lord for every day I breath.

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It is very important that we take care of our health and of course daily thank for all they have.

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