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November 28, 2008



Hi Frank,
I want to express my sincere appreciation to you and Meghan for supporting my journey back to fitness. Between the Body Transformation Formula, Erica's wonderful yoga classes, the daily training, and the random expressions of encouragement from all of you and gym members, I am again motivated to resume my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Though times are tough, we must all do our best to support one another in our individual quests for health, peace, and happiness. It should be our own personal missions to find ways to help us feel better and relieve the stresses of our days. Your skills and generous spirit achieve that goal, in offering your knowledge and experience to support those missions. I know you will continue to inspire and motivate as you create and institute innovative ways of reaching others.
Best regards,

Group Fitness Classes LA

It's important to get some sort of physical activity during each and every day. At least enough to compensate for any caloric intake one has through the course of a particular day. Without at least that much, one is bound to gain weight. Having the opportunity to receive personal training or even be involved in group fitness classes is nothing short of beneficial.

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